Healthy buildings,
healthy lives.

The best way to
maintain a healthy business.

Watch how it works.

We believe in creating peace of mind for employees and customers through healthy workplaces. Our PopEnry+ device uses a thermal camera to take body temperature alongside an RGB camera that uses facial recognition technology to identify the person having their temperature taken. The combination of these two technologies allows for low maintenance, safety first employee check-in.


CDC guidance,
COVID-19 mitigation.

Our PopEntry+ device adheres to the CDC’s official guidance for mitigation for COVID-19 — “temperature screening” of “staff entering buildings.” Also, the EEOC updated its legal guidance that now expressly acknowledges “employers may measure employees' body temperature.”


Web-based management.

Administrators can set up and maintain their PopEntry+ device via a convenient web-based dashboard. Device capabilities include text message notifications, specific employee access schedules and more. Set up your PopEntry+ device to handle your exact use case.


Building security.

PopEntry+ can also be connected to door strikers for use as an access control system. Simple, contact free access via best-in-class facial recognition technology and temperature checks to ensure that only your approved list has building access and only when they are healthy.



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