How PopID works:


In order to use your face for entry or payment in any location, register once on this web site by taking a picture.

POPid Step One


Your Face now becomes your singular, ultra-secure "digital token" across all PopID transactions and devices.


Whenever you see the PopID logo - in your workplace for automated temperature testing or in restaurants and retail stores for payment - you'll now be able to use your face to authenticate who you are by standing in front of the device's camera.

POPid Devices


Where you see the PopEntry logo, your face replaces keys, fobs, key cards, etc., to allow you easy entry to secure areas.

PopEntry+ devices also screen your temperature to mitigate virus transmission.

POPid Step Four, Thermal Device


Where you see the PopPay logo, your face replaces passwords and logins for loyalty programs and past orders; and credit cards (if you provided credit card info at sign up).

POPid Step Five