Q: How is the kiosk recognizing me?

The kiosk is utilizing facial recognition technology (through a camera on the right side of the kiosk) to identify the customer that has walked up to the kiosk.

Q: What do you do with my image?

We save the geometric measurements of your face in our database and then we delete the image. No images are ever saved.

Q: Can I sign up for loyalty without an image?

The loyalty system is based on facial recognition. So, there is no way to become a loyalty member on the kiosk without us receiving the “measurements” of your face.

Q: What are you doing with my information (cell number/name)?

We will never share any personal information with anyone. We only ask for a phone number so users can eventually use their phone number as a backup option to log into the loyalty program if their face is not being recognized.

Q: What if I already have the CaliBurger app?

We are looking to integrate both platforms, but on both platforms the customer receives the same amount of CaliCoins and all CaliCoins can be redeemed at any time. Currently, we ask that those who have the app also sign up for the facial recognition loyalty program on our kiosk so they can accumulate CaliCoins when they do not order ahead.

Q: What if I’m not recognized?

We have great confidence in our technology. If you are not recognized please go back to the home page and re-tap the “tap to start” button.

Q: Can someone else come in and pay with my card that is stored?

Your card can only be authenticated by your face. If you are not present and being detected by the camera then your card will not be able to be used.

PopID identifies what's most unique to you - your face. Use it as a form of Id and payments at school, cafes, concerts or wherever Pop ID is honored.

The facial recognition is extremely fast and convenient. With my limited time available to order and go, I wouldn’t consider anywhere else due to the speed and fluidity at Cali-Burger.