Where can I use PopPay?

PopPay merchants in your area can be found at popid.com/locations-map.

Is this product currently being used or implemented? If so, where in the U.S. or other regions?

The product is currently being used in multiple locations in the United States. A majority of the devices are installed in Pasadena, California.

Why is my primary payment method being instantly charged after a PopPay transaction?

We used to group your purchases together into one larger amount when we charged your payment method. We are in the process of converting all accounts to immediate charge. We made this improvement to the PopPay system to address the feedback from our users and eliminate any confusion from where your PopPay transactions did not match the group charges to your payment method.

What if I have an identical twin??

If you have a twin and are concerned about them using your account without your authorization, you should immediately set a custom PIN after you create your PopID account and select the checkbox to be required to enter your PIN for every transaction. These options can be found at the Security tab of your PopID profile, accessible by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left corner after you login.

Note that if you have a twin who has already enrolled, you will need to contact us directly at [email protected] to enroll. You will be required to set a custom PIN and will be asked to enter it each time you transact. Your twin will also be automatically notified that they will need to set a PIN as well and will need to enter it for every transaction.