Streamline your business transactions

With rising labor costs and a lack of qualified talent, a significant shift is taking place towards automation. PopPay has built its merchant solutions with you and your customers' needs in mind. We have you covered whether you're a small business or a Fortune 100 company. Tell us about your business and its growing needs, and we will match you with the most secure and cost-effective solution for your business.


Point Of Sale

The PopPay POS functions as a hybrid of a stand-alone POS and a kiosk. Its customer-facing screen allows your guests to place their orders directly on the screen, which results in higher productivity from your team and reduced labor costs.

Payment Terminal

The PopPay payment terminal seamlessly works alongside any 3rd party POS. You can enable your business to accept PopPay in a matter of minutes. It also allows you to accept other payment methods, including digital currencies.



Automate your front of the house with the PopPay Kiosk. The PopPay kiosk is the first of its kind as it allows your customers to check-in using PopPay for ordering and payments. This solution has proven to increase throughput by 25% and increase ticket size by 4%.