Pay with face:
Protecting guests
and employees.

Watch how contact-free
drive-thrus work.

With the recent closure of restaurant dining rooms across America, drive-thru and pick-up have become primary channels for the restaurant industry to continue operations. PopPay’s benefits include: Safety and Wellness; Increased Throughput; Increased Sales; Increased Loyalty Program Participation and Lower Payment Processing Costs.


Safety and wellness:
Covid-19 mitigation.

There is data indicating that Covid-19 can be transferred through the exchange of cash and credit cards. When contact-free PopPay is used at the drive-thru or on a payment terminal at the counter with a cashier taking an order, there is less opportunity for pathogens to be transferred between guests and restaurant workers.


Increased throughput.

At self-ordering kiosks, use of PopID by guests to see their past orders and quickly re-order (rather than building the order from scratch) has been shown to substantially reduce ordering time. And at the drive-thru, by eliminating the need to transfer cash and cards at a dedicated payment window, PopPay reduces transaction times and increases throughput.


Increased sales.

When guests use PopID to login and see their ordering history on self-ordering kiosks, operators see a 3-4% increase in average ticket size for kiosk orders as compared to when guests do not use PopID to login.


Increased loyalty
program participation.

With PopID, guests are able to sign into their merchant rewards accounts using just their face, without the need for usernames, passwords, or cards. As a result, participation in such programs increases.


Lower payment
processing costs.

PopPay reduces payment processing fees for restaurant and retailers, resulting in increased free cash flow.


Panasonic partnership.

Panasonic and PopID announced a partnership in which each will jointly sell kiosks, payment terminals, and drive-thru systems incorporating PopID to login (for loyalty and reordering) and PopPay, with Panasonic providing hardware installation and customer service support. Panasonic has 88 logistical staging facilities in the U.S. dedicated to supporting food service accounts,which allow for service level agreements as low as four hours.

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P.O.P. Certified:
Protecting Our People.

Being “P.O.P.-Certified” (Protecting Our People) designates your business as one that is doing everything it can to ensure the health, safety and overall well-being of everyone who interacts with your brand in the physical world by adhering to all guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention; the White House Coronavirus Task Force; and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.